Editing Services
Truelove Press offers two levels of editing: a line edit and a proofread.

My strengths lie in scrutinizing the details. Although I sometimes offer comments about plot and other ‘big picture’ issues as a courtesy, I don’t do developmental editing. I prefer to edit fiction, but I will edit nonfiction, depending on the job.

Edits are accomplished via email with attached Microsoft Word document, using its track changes feature. Both services include a pre-edit assessment and a reasonable amount of post-edit communication, should the edit generate questions. 

What you get & what I charge...

Line Edit
For a line edit, I mark the usual proofreading things, and I do a document search for common usage errors (discreet vs. discrete, alter vs. altar, etc.). I also mark POV errors, flag word overuse, and keep an eye out for weak and awkward phrasing, stilted dialogue, excessive / unnecessary exposition, and plausibility / believability. The line edit doesn’t address story issues, such as plot, but I will tell you if your writing isn’t clear or if your characters’ actions / reactions seem off.

In a nutshell, this edit is similar to a detailed ‘line-by-line’ critique that skilled writers do for each other, except you get a thorough proofread, too.

My fee for line editing is $2.50 per page (250 words.).*
That’s 1 cent per word or $10 for every 1000 words.
(Ex: 50k = $500)

Note: If you make significant changes to your manuscript after receiving a line edit (especially if you struggle with grammar), it’s wise to get another proofread.*

For a proofread, I make a thorough pass through the document and mark grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors. After that, I do a document search and double-check for common usage errors, to catch any I might have missed.

A proofread is a final polish. It assumes you know the craft and have already subjected your manuscript to test-reads and / or critiques.

Note: For ethical reasons, if I start a proofread and discover that your manuscript is full of basic craft errors, I will stop and notify you. You will have a choice at that point to: 1. repair and resubmit, 2. switch to a line edit at an increased fee, 3. back out of the agreement and receive an 80% refund of fees already paid, or 4. have me proceed with the proof at the originally quoted fee.

Numbers 1 and 2 may result in a delay. I don’t recommend number 4.

My fee for proofreading is $1.50 per page (250 words).*
That’s a little more than half a cent per word or $6 for every 1000 words.
(Ex: 50k = $300)

* Repeat clients who write well enough not to need heavy editing or who are seeking a follow-up proof after a line edit may receive a discount at the editor's discretion.

Still not sure?
You can sample my services with a test edit.

As a courtesy, I offer a one-time, once-per-author test edit of 10 to 30 pages at a discount (minimum 10 pages / 2,500 words). Prices are as follows...

Test Proofread: $1 per page ($10 - $30)
Test Line Edit: $2 per page ($20 - $60)

If, after doing a test edit, you decide to hire me for the full manuscript, the amount you paid will be deducted from the total fee.

After you determine which type of edit you want and tell me the word count of your document, I’ll give you a quote and an estimated time frame for finishing the project. If you decide to hire me, you will be invoiced by Truelove Press (via Paypal) for half the total fee. Editing will start once you sign the contract, send me your document, and pay the first half of the fee.

When editing is complete, your document, with marks, will be returned to you and you will be invoiced for the second half of the fee. Payment is due upon receipt.


What kinds of manuscripts do you edit?
The bulk of my experience has been writing and critiquing genre fiction (mainly romance), but I’ll edit most anything from short stories to full-length novels. I’ll consider editing nonfiction, too, depending on the document.

If I don’t feel I’m qualified to do the job you’re asking of me, I’ll tell you so.

What about back cover blurbs, queries, and synopses?
I can proof those. I can even offer line editing advice and general tips, but that’s where my expertise ends.

How long will it take to do my edit?
That depends. Document length, edit type and intensity (amount of errors), and my current workload are all factors. Contact me. I’ll let you know if I’m accepting submissions and, if so, give you an approximate timeframe for completing the job. 

What about confidentiality? And how do you keep my manuscript safe?
First, I don’t crit and tell. People will know you hired me only if you choose to tell them. Second, I treat your document as I would my own. I keep it on a password-protected computer, and, if I print any portion of it (uncommon), I shred it once I’m done.

If you edit my manuscript, my story will be totally free of errors, right?
Nope. No editor can promise you that.

I’m good at what I do, but I’m human. No matter how careful and obsessive I am, there’s always a chance I’ll miss things. That said, when I get done with your document, your text will be free enough of errors that you won’t get chastised for poor editing. You might even get praised.

What are your qualifications?
I am a published author who’s been writing fiction for several years. I’ve exchanged countless intensive critiques with other writers—some of them multi-published authors. I’ve also done freelance editing jobs for hire.

I do not have a degree in journalism or language arts (my degree is in science), but I did get automatic credit-by-exam for both required Composition and Rhetoric courses when I took my college entrance exam. I’ve been dubbed ‘The Goddess of Grammar’ by one of my critique partners, and I have been told by at least three different writers that I have ‘an eagle eye for grammar.’

In short, I am qualified to edit fiction. After considering current advice on determining editing rates as well as feedback received from CPs and previous clients, I have set my fees according to my ability.

How do I pay you?
Fees are invoiced by Truelove Press and paid via Paypal. You don’t have to have a Paypal account; credit card payments are accepted.

Must I list you or Truelove Press in the acknowledgements when I publish?
No. But, if you’re happy with your edit, feel free to tell your writer friends. :)

If you do decide to include an editing acknowledgement, use Truelove Press.

Why do you only give an 80% refund if the writer backs out of a proofread due to craft issues?
Although a client is under no obligation until the contract is signed, a lot of work goes into the pre-edit assessment, and some work would have been done to determine that the manuscript needs more than a proof. That said, the main reason I keep a portion of the fee is that I accept jobs based on my workload. It’s very possible that I turned down other work when the writer hired me.

Can clients back out of an edit for other reasons?
I prefer that they didn’t, but life is unpredictable and sometimes people have good reasons. I handle this on a case by case basis and reserve the right to enforce the contract.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 
If you have questions or you’re interested in hiring Truelove Press, contact me.

~ Melissa, Owner and Editor